Deluxe Scaffold Attachment Kit

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Python Safety / 3M DBI-Sala Fall Protection for Tools

Part Number:  KIT-DP-SCAFF-DLX

Deluxe Attachment Point Kit made specially for your scaffolding and construction needs! This Kit has everything you need to create attachment points and tethers for your scaffolding tools. All of our products are high quality and 3rd party tested. Reliably create attachment points for  50 tools! Start protecting your work-site and saving money on lost/broken tools today!


Similarly stocked kits sell at upwards of $400!

This deluxe kit includes:

  • 4 Coil Tethers (EXT-H2HCoil)

  • 2 Bungee Tethers(EXT-H2LBUNGEE)

  • 2 rolls 1" Quick Wrap Tape(QW-HDBLU1)

  • 20 1"X3.5" D-Ring Attachment Points(DR-1X3.5)

  • 5 1"X3.5" D-Ring with Cord Attachment Points(DR-CORD)

  • 25 0.5"X2.25" D-Ring Attachment Points(DR-0.5X2.25.5)

  • 25 1" Quick Rings(QR-1Inch)

  • 1 Xuron 696 Split Ring Plier

Pairs well with our Holster Kit!


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