3M DBI-SALA® 5 lbs. Tool Retractor

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Python Safety / 3M DBI-Sala Fall Protection for Tools

Part Number: TOOL-RET5

SKU: 1500156

• Secure tools up to 5 lbs. - High-strength Dyneema® locking retractor line

• Minimize tangling & tripping hazards - Line stays taut while reaching, retracts when not in use

• Reduce line twisting - Housing connection point swivels with workers motions

• Lighten the load - Compact, lightweight profile – less then half a pound (0.36 lbs.)

• Prevent accidental disconnections or carabiner rollout - Dual-action self-locking

carabiners on each end

• Work freely - 50 inch working length extends worker’s reach

• Samples have been ordered for all Fall Protection Sales Reps and MRAs


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