Tape Measure Sleeve and Holster with Retractor for 25ft or 35ft Tape Measure

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Python Safety / 3M DBI-Sala Fall Protection for Tools

Part Number: HOL-TAPECOMBO     SKU: 1500099   For 25ft Tape Measure 

Part Number: HOL-TAPECOMBO-L    SKU:  1500166  For 35ft Tape Measure 

The Tape Measure Retractor Holster is designed to be used with the Tape Measure Sleeve (included in #HOL-TAPECOMBO). Together, these products allow tape measures to be quickly tethered and holstered.

A retractor feeds through the back of the holster and can be connected to a D-Ring on a Python Safety Tape Measure Sleeve. D-Rings on both sides of the holster allow for an alternative means of tethering the Tape Measure Sleeve.


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