Trigger To trigger Coil Tether - 5 lb. capacity (1 or 10 pack)

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Python Safety / 3M DBI-Sala Fall Protection for Tools


Part Number: EXT-T2TCOIL     SKU: 1500067

Part Number: EXT-T2TCOIL-10PK     SKU: 1500068

Double Trigger Coil Extension 18”.
  • Load Rating: 5 lbs (2.3 kg).
  • Coil Diameter: 5mm.
  • Length (Relaxed): 1.75in (4.4cm).
  • Length (Stretched): 24in (70cm).

The compact design of the Trigger2Trigger Coil Tether makes it the perfect lanyard to be used from Wristbands (FL-WB).

The Trigger2Trigger Coil Tether features a lightweight vinyl material that makes clean-up/decontamination easy. Trigger snaps on both sides of the lanyard make connecting to attachment points effortless, even while wearing safety gloves.


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